God’s Princess

My 5 year old has the sweetest soul. She is tender, reserved, deeply-devoted and loyal, and as innocent as I could hope for in a child. She’s also fiercely passionate and stubborn, which left us with many hours of screaming and kicking between the ages of 2 and 3 (though, this has been much resolved with a change in diet). My sweet girl is the one in our family who says it is hard to smile in pictures, but when I can catch one, it is brilliant, joyful, and so real. Sometimes her genuine smiles bring tears to my eyes.

…And so does her love for God. Last week, I stopped by her room to tuck her in for bed. She said, “I was just praying while I waited for you, and I heard God call me his Princess. Then I prayed for some other things.” This was the second time she’d told me God call her a princess. There is something special growing between her and our Lord, and I pray it never goes away. I asked her if it made her feel special, “Yes,” and told her it is very special. It touches my heart to know she’s developing a personal relationship with God, to know she’s taking our words to heart when her Daddy and I tell her that we can pray anytime and anywhere.

Lord, I know our sweet girl is your Princess. May she always know your incredible love for her, may your Spirit keep her strong and devoted, and may she seek your will for her life. Amen.


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