Easter Doesn’t Mean Easy, but It Is Joy

Alleluia! He is risen! Death cannot and will not prevail!

Those words–and nothing like them–we’re the first in my mind or on my lips this morning. First of all, it was 3:35 am and my youngest was up, hungry. “grumble grumble, are you sure you’re hungry?” I ask, knowing that I will get him something to eat, tick him back in, and then fall asleep with him to save everyone else from waking.

Twenty-five minutes after, (roughly, I was sleeping again and didn’t check the time), I was awoken again. My oldest (aka the Passionate Princess) was up.
“Mama, I am dressed!”, she whispered in her Easter excitement. Of course, I am sure she was mostly excited for finding her Easter basket, but it was joy nonetheless. To which the sleepy, grumpy Mama replied, “That’s nice, honey, but it’s 4am. You can still get a few hours of sleep. Change and go back to bed.” Then I rolled over and fell asleep again.

Maybe an hour later, I stumbled back to my own bed, snuggled up with my hubs for a bit…and was awoken again by our oldest. She was dressed, again, and hungry. It was 5:45am. I walked her down to the kitchen for food, and the youngest woke up. Again wanting to spare the rest of the family, I let him stay.

And so began my Easter…I was not happy. They ended up cranky within hours because of missing out on sleep. I kept reminding us all that it was Easter, a day of joy. I reminded us all, over and over again, that we ought to be joy-filled instead of cranky. I told myself over and over again to breathe deep and put on joy, hoping to set the tone for everyone. I even donned the silly yet festive apron I have. Still, cranky! I told my husband that it still felt like Lent.

Even the first Easter still felt like mourning to the Apostles and Mary and the women, at first. Even after they knew our Lord rose from the dead, it was hard. Thomas doubted. They hid in fear. They questioned what was next. Maybe that is where I am, doubting, (wanting to hide from the whining), and questioning. When will they learn? When will I? When, what, how?

Easter is hope for the life yet to come, hope in our own resurrection with Christ, a new beginning. But it sure isn’t easy. Easter is the time of beginning…taking action while still waiting on the Lord, still learning what it all means. Today was joyful, because I hope all this I do with and for my family, will save us a spot at the eternal banquet which is the hope of Christ’s Resurrection.


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