For the Whovians

Because I love Doctor Who, because I love funny little spoofs, because everyone could use a little fun in the middle of week…

Enjoy this video about “How It Should Have Ended”, the Doomsday edition. ***IF it is showing up with the Desolation of Smaug, I am sorry. The embed link is wonky. Click in the upper left corner on “playlist” and scroll down to the Doomsday clip***

I wasn’t sold on the whole Doctor Who craze for a long time. Friends kept talking about the Tardis, and which Doctor they like best, and timey-wimey stuff. I was left skipping their chatter on social media, thinking it was just some crazy sci-fi show I wouldn’t be interested in watching. I can’t honestly remember now why I started watching it, but I did. What I didn’t realize when I first looked it up on Netflix, is that there are episodes from the 1960’s, and then a reboot version which started in 2005. My friends suggested I start with the reboot, and give it a good 3 or so episodes before deciding to never watch it again.

Good thing they gave me that advice, or I would have written it off as way too weird even before the first 50-some minutes were over. Sci-fi isn’t normally up my alley to begin with, and the first episode with the 9th Doctor…um…weird. If you haven’t watched it and are thinking about it, do give it a few episodes. It gets better. So much better. It is really just a fun show to watch.

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