Return to Me {Lent Printable}

Lately, I’ve been printing lots of lovely printable words, saying, and Scripture verses to frame and have around the house. Words are inspiring, and word art in the house is not only decorative, but a good reminder to be cheerful, pray always, enjoy family and friends, or to lighten up the day with some humor. Some of my favorites are plays on the “keep calm and carry on” posters, and others are verses I want my kids to remember as they grow up.

It dawned on me last week that I can make delightful printable pieces, too! (I do have about 758 fonts installed in Photoshop, after all)

My first one to share is with a verse often used in Lenten readings, from the book of Joel. It’s a call to return to God, and always makes me think of a loving Father just waiting for his children to come home, to sit in his loving presence, to talk and to just be together. It’s comforting. It’s an invitation to bring our priorities back in order, with our hearts focused on God.


I hope you’ll enjoy it! Download here, and you’ll find two 5x7s on one sheet–print it and hang it in two rooms in your house, or share one with a friend.


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