We Love It: Saint Mail

A few months ago, I somehow learned about fun new monthly “box” kit for kids, called Saint Mail. My kids love getting mail, and I’ve tried a few of the popular monthly boxes, but didn’t love them (don’t get me wrong, they’re fun, but when you have 5 kids like I do, it’s not really practical or cost effective or fair to get these subscriptions. Some are just for babies, some are for young school ages…And all at $20+ each a month). But Saint Mail? We can always learn more about the saints, and what could it hurt to give it a try, just for one month?

Ladies. Gents. People who are reading this: I definitely recommend that you give Saint Mail a try! After our first month and learning about St. Blaise, my 4 hopeful saints couldn’t wait for the next package to arrive. As March was nearing, my girls kept asking, “Are we getting Saint Mail again soon?”

And we did! For March, we received a letter from St. Katherine Drexel. The letters are delightful; (and I personally love the detail of a wax seal on the letters!)


written as if the saint is corresponding with the kids, telling them about the saint’s life and giving encouragement to love Jesus daily. Also included are prayers, a magnet with an illustration of the saint (not picture, because one of the kids ran off with it), an activity, and a treasure. This month, the craft was to make a flag of New Mexico, because St. Katherine served and taught there. The stature of Mary is for devotion to Mary. There was also a Lent calendar in this month’s package, which will be inspiring us as we journey towards Easter.


The bag was part of the first month’s box, and we are keeping all our saint letters in the bag, with the prayers. We can’t wait for April to find out who our next new Saint friend will be!

(**note** I pay for our subscription to Saint Mail, happily, because it is so awesome. I am blogging about it so you know about it and can check it out for yourself, just because I think more people should enjoy the saints! I am not being paid or getting anything free, just so you know. Disclosure and all.)


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