Homeschool Life: Writing and Journals

“I hate writing!!!”

Any other homeschool moms out there hear this from their children? Left feeling like a failure because you just *know* your kids are creative and have neat things to say/write, but can’t get them to put pencil to paper?

I was/am that mom.

Miss T, my oldest, has an incredible imagination. Given a blank notebook and new pencil, she’ll fill it within weeks, or less time even, with pictures and stories and dialogue. Ask her to write 5 sentences about a given topic, and the battles begin.

In her defense, she’s improved greatly…but writing is a least-favorite task for my kids when it comes to school-work. And yet they can dream and write to no end in a journal! It makes me think some of our homeschool writing time should be spent in fun, loveable journals.

This weekend, Simple Homeschool is having a giveaway for some journals that look fabulous. With different themes and colorful options, I think my kids (and I!) would love to use these journals. There is even a mother-daughter journal from Gadanke, who is the journal-maker. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering a few of the mother-daughter journals for my girls and I.

{My Mom and Me} – Mother Daughter Journal


So why am I bothering to tell you about another blog’s giveaway? Because I think it’s just that awesome, and I think it will be a help to our family when it comes to writing, and I love to pass on great ideas. If you and your kids love journals, love (or hate) writing, I encourage you to go check out the giveaway, as well as the shop, to see if these might work for you! Even if you don’t journal, you might want to start just because these are so lovely and fun. Personally, I can’t wait to have one, flip through the pages and read the prompts, and use a fun new pen to get writing.


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Life: Writing and Journals

  1. My sister and i were home schooled and i definitely think writing is important in that journey. Cute journals always inspired me.

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