Joining the link-up with A Mama Collective this week, hoping to make it a regular occurrence.

Thinking about:
How I can be more present to my family, do the things we enjoy most, and keep life simple…those are the thoughts swirling in my brain. I spent last week doing spring cleaning, organizing, and caring for sick kids–4 out of the 5 were down and out with some sort of illness for the last 10 days. We’ve been to the pediatrician’s office 3 times and to the ER once in those 10 days. I didn’t lesson plan or meal plan last week. I’m scrambling a bit to get those things done…but they’re getting done. We did the most important things for school this afternoon (Catechism, science, and Bible stories in combination with world history). Simplicity is what I’m after: simplify lessons, simplify meals, make more time for more quality time with my family.

Percy Jackson (nearly done!), Daring Greatly, Writer’s Jungle.

Listening to:
Brief moments of silence followed by grunts from the baby

Watching:Nothing–we’ve cancelled Netflix and Redbox because we weren’t making use of either subscription. Once in a while we’ll start using our Amazon Prime membership to watch some shows, but for now, we’re spending more time reading and going to bed early.

Thankful for:


Spending some time with my parents a few days ago, kids (hopefully) on the mend, and my ever-devoted husband. ❤

A Mama Collective


3 thoughts on “{currently}

    • My daughter enjoys Percy Jackson…it’s growing on me. We’re reading it together as a fun read in combination with our study of the Greek myths and ancient history.

  1. Love this, Gina. And I really love your blog’s look! I know you’ve been working on it, and it looks great. I hope all the babes are better… and that picture is adorable 🙂 Thank you for linking up with us, and I can’t wait to see what you write about next week! ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

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