“…in every good word and deed…” {chalkboard printable}

It’s still Lent, which is worth arguing over in our house. 40 days is just so long. So long. My boys can’t believe that it is still Lent and don’t want to believe me when I say Easter is not tomorrow. It’s hard to keep going with sacrifices. It’s hard to keep waiting and waiting on that celebration of the Resurrection at Easter. It’s hard to plod along, knowing the wonder and joy of new life is *so close*…and yet it’s still so far away.

Even nature is feeling it…the yearning for warmer weather, flowers, new life. We have had nice weather here, spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips are poking through the ground. I love seeing the new little green leaves popping up. The anticipation and waiting on the flowers to grow and bloom, for the seeds we’ve planted indoors to sprout is exciting and painfully hard all at once. Today we had 6 inches of snow. Spring is here on the calendar, but winter isn’t ready to leave yet.

We live in a time when instant gratification rules the day. Waiting on spring is hard. Waiting on Easter is hard. Some days, it feels like so much work to keep up with our chosen sacrifices and added prayerful disciplines. We’re tired. I’m tired. (after two weeks with sick kids, it can feel like I’ve had penance enough and it’s time I had a sweet little nibble of comfort food–chocolate–but my comfort should be in the Lord, yes?) Given the choice, most of us might choose to fast-forward through Lent and get right to the party at Easter!

Don’t give up, friends! Maybe you have fallen a bit from the path you started upon for Lent, as I have. Maybe you have stayed strong (good on you!)… I think we can all use some encouragement. This past Sunday was Laetare Sunday, Latin for “rejoice”. We are nearing the end! Don’t give up yet. Rejoice and carry on with turning our hearts towards Christ. Easter is just around the corner (a mere 17 days!), and all the efforts we put into giving our hearts more fully to God will be worth it. The “Alleluia” will be powerful on Easter Sunday–carry on, and let Jesus strengthen you, in every good word and deed.

Please enjoy this 5×7 printable, to encourage you through the rest of Lent, and all your days! If you would like this to fit an 8×10, please let me know and I will create one.


Download by clicking here.


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