John Paul II Stories: a link-up

Are you getting excited yet? We are just days away from the canonization of two holy and amazing men, Blessed John XXII and Blessed John Paul II. I have a personal goal to learn about John XXIII on my own this year, but I have a special place in my heart for JPII. I’ve seen him up-close. (not as awesome as meeting him or shaking his hand, but still awesome!) Whenever I think about his canonization, I start to get that really excited feeling like I could squeal and clap and act like a school girl again. And sometimes I do act like it. My kids likely think I’m a bit nuts.

(I am nuts, by the way, so they’d be right).

But just think about it: for any of you reading this blog, JPII was pope for a good chunk of your life! He may have visited your hometown. He’s certainly visited your country, as he visited over 100 countries during his papacy. (For the US: Denver World Youth Day 1993! JPII even visited my alma mater, but that was long before I even knew it would be my alma mater.) Just think! What a great many ways Blessed John Paul II has influenced the lives of millions of people.

As you may know, the kids and I have been reading about JPII this month, to get ready for his canonization. I’m going to dig out my pictures from World Youth Day to show them how close I was to him, we’re going to look at all kinds of images online of him enjoying life, we’re going to learn even more about him from a list of awesome facts we probably don’t already know about him. We’re going to listen to stories, read quotes, memorize some of his impactful words.

“True happiness lies in giving ourselves in love to our brothers and sisters.” How’s that for impact on a large family? We are going to have this as a new motto, I’m pretty sure. πŸ˜‰

I’m getting so excited!

So, join the excitement which is soon to bubble over. Share your stories with us! Link up all week with Mama Needs Coffee and through the weekend, and we’ll have ourselves an online canonization party. Don’t forget the perogies and Papal cream cake for Sunday!


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