Tea on Tuesdays

tea on tuesdaysYou guys. I spent Lent drinking mostly water, and a few smoothies for breakfast, and a glass of wine now and then with Fence once the kids were in bed. I think it was 2 glasses, total. Normally, I’d love to enjoy a nice cuppa chai, hot or iced, with milk and sugar…But I gave it up for Lent.

It’s not Lent anymore! ALLELUIA! I can indulge once again with a nice cup of tea.

Not only that, but we’re starting up a new FUN and TOTALLY AWESOME weekly shindig in our home school. It’s inspired by the Brave Writer approach to writing and literature. Go forth and check out Brave Writer you home schooling mamas. Some great things are there.

To get to the point: there is a fun suggestion from Brave Writer to have Tuesday Teatimes (could be actually any day, but the alliteration is too fun to pass up, plus Tuesdays work for me) to sit down, enjoy some tea and treats, and read poetry together. We all need some relaxing time with a cuppa tea or coffee or cocoa, right? Why not make one day a week when we share that with our kids, and enjoy some classic poetry, silly poetry, new or old or even composed by our kids poetry together? It can be so refreshing! The time to literally break from the rest of the routines and tasks and to-dos, sit and connect with our kids is so rewarding and fun. I know how spent I get in the day–believe me. Come 4pm some days I’m ready to turn in my time card and check out for a while, but you just can’t do that as a mom of any kind, homeschooling or not. BUT! setting aside the workbooks and grading and checklists and dishes and laundry and all the other things for even just half an hour is so needed, for us and our kids.

So join me! We’ll be having Tea on Tuesdays as regularly as possible starting today. Comment with your favorite poems and recipes and ideas for making your teatime enjoyable.

This week, we’ll be reciting the poems we’re learning, plus I’ll read one of the poems written by Blessed John Paul II when we was Karol Wojtyla (for non-Catholic readers, Karol Wojtyla was his name before he became pope).


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