Currently {2}

Thinking about:
There’s a blog post in the works, and has been for a month, that I need to finish today! It’ll be a guest post on my friend Amanda’s blog, once she is hitched and married to her sweetest guy! It just may be the longest post I’ve written, ever. I need to tie up the post, add some pics, and send it her way.

Still working on the 6th book of “Harry Potter”, 13697122154_f7d01ea344_zand waiting not very patiently for the mail carrier to deliver my copy of “Something Other Than God” by Jennifer Fulwiler. She is hosting a crazy-fun release party, with prizes and ways to get lots of friends reading the book…so I want to get my hands on my copy and steal some time away from my other pressing things on my to-do list, and start reading!

Listening to:
Right now, there is silence. Far off the background I can hear the boys playing downstairs, happily and without fighting. Those are sounds I never get tired of hearing.

We’re watching nothing. Last week, Fence and I finished watching “The Day of the Doctor”, and haven’t turned on anything else. I watched “Frozen” yesterday while lesson planning–with one of the kids, not by myself!

Thankful for:
A great hubby who is helping the baby go back to sleep! He (the baby) is teething and he keeps waking after 30-45 minutes. It’s life. But I am so thankful for the break at this moment, which is allowing me a chance to finish a blog!

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2 thoughts on “Currently {2}

  1. That’s wonderful that your husband was helping the babe go back to sleep 🙂 What a precious time for baby and papa. And I LOVE Harry Potter. Maybe I should read him again. What an incredible series. And I have to get that book by Jennifer! It sounds amazing! Thank you for linking up with us 🙂 ~Jenna

  2. Harry Potter is so fun. It’s my first time reading the series; I was never interested in the books when they were first released!

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