Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s been a while, I know. Life has been a little hectic with all kinds of germs around here, and Easter… But now it’s almost Mother’s Day! Who still needs ideas for the special mother in her life? Here are a handful of lovely, easy, and inexpensive ideas. Save them for birthdays, too!


A mason jar tied with pretty ribbons or lace, filled with fresh flowers. The flowers are lovely, the jar is reusable!

2014-05-01 11.59.51 1(note to the observant: I realize my flowers are not fresh. The fake ones look nice, too, but I’m hoping for a fresh bunch of flowers soon!)


A box of pampering delights from–order one for yourself, and get it free!

2014-05-01 01.53.45 1

I’ve had fun with Julep, customizing my personal profile, choosing items from their secret sales, waiting for a new box to arrive with fresh and fancy new polishes and beauty products. It’s a fun splurge–especially when your first box is free! (sign up with the link here, my referral link, and I’ll earn points toward a free box myself. Your first one is 100% free. Get friends to sign up, and you can also earn a free box!)


How about a DIY coupon which invites your mom out to a fun lunch, just you and her? Enjoy some time you don’t usually get together, have the hubby and/or Grandpa watch the kids, and go out for some quiet girl time, where you can both enjoy a hot meal and the luxury of not having to cut someone else’s food, wipe their nose, or get up 5 times for a bathroom run. You know you want to. Hey, I’ll make it easy for you! Here’s a printable to get you started. Use it for a lunch date, breakfast in bed, whatever your come up with! CLICK HERE for the download, not on the image. The image below will not have the best resolution.mothersdaycouponprintable copy


A nice devotional seems to be a good gift, in my opinion. All moms need a break to rest in the life-giving Word of God, and there are plenty of devotionals to meet that need. My favorite, which I have read over and over, is “A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms” by Lisa Hendey. You could choose this or any other nice devotional, and add a lovely notebook for prayer journaling and saving favorite quotes to make a nice gift.


Take one of your fab photos (even a great phone picture!) and make it into notecards. I personally like Shutterfly the best, but use your favorite photo printing site if they offer notecards, order a set and tie it up nice with a ribbon.

2014-05-01 11.59.45 1

Most important, make whatever you do heartfelt. ❤




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