Summer Fun Ideas, For All of Us Who are Tired of Coming Up with New Things

I don’t know about you, but after a while, I just want someone who has had a full night’s sleep to tell me the great ideas in life. It’s been over a year since I had a full night of sleep with no interruptions, 4 years since beginning home schooling, and it is the end of our school year. Basically, I am tired of thinking. But the looming summer break  practically begs for at least a few preplanned things to do. Knowing myself and my kids well enough, I realize that without some ideas in mind, we’ll just sit around being lazy and eventually grump at each other. I’ll be nagging them to do their chores, they’ll be whining they’re bored and hungry, the July heat will make us sweat and they won’t want to play outside, and since the dreamy, bygone days of running to the creek or riding bikes to friends’ houses aren’t part of this era or suburbia life we live, I NEED to have at least a basic bucket list of summer fun ready to go.summerfunideas

As I said, I’m too tired to think of them all on my own. I’ve called in reinforcements! Brace yourselves, a summer fun series is coming your way. Yes, another one. I realize all the bloggers are doing something like this, but hey, the more the merrier. And there’s bound to be a new idea, or fresh approach to an old idea, somewhere! In fact, I think I’ve found a pretty swell and easy thing for your littles to work on this summer, thanks to my blogger friend Allison. Her post will be one of the first in the series, so stay tuned!

To start off, I’m going to share 5 of my top bucket list things to do:

1-Join summer reading programs

Did you know there are a gazillion of them? You can join at your local library, you can join at Barnes and Noble, at Pottery Barn Kids, at Half-Price Books and more! Go wild and crazy and sign your little readers up for more than one, or keep life simple and sign up for just one.

2-Sign up for at something sporty

Find a training camp, swim lessons, baseball teams, mini sports camps…something to keep those energetic kids moving! We are probably going to do swim lessons and ice skating camps. Our local ice arena is having half-day camps with activities and ice skating, what a great way to beat the heat!

3-Shop the local farmer’s markets

My kids have always loved the farmer’s market, maybe because they often get samples from the stands and because I let them choose something every time we go. Buying local fresh produce has changed the way we eat, and has helped my kids be excited to eat healthy food. Check Local Harvest for farms near you.

4-Make your own ice cream.

Great fun for adults and kids alike. If you don’t have or want to buy an ice cream maker, don’t worry. There are lots of recipes online for ice cream and sorbet and other frozen treats you can make without one.

5-Get outside!

Go on nature walks, hike local state parks, plant in your garden, play in a sand box, run in the sprinklers, have a picnic, read under a shady tree, run through open spaces, run a 5K if you’re ambitious, blow bubbles, color with chalk, play hopscotch, jump rope…just enjoy the outdoors!


Check back starting Monday for a guest post that will give you ideas for your preschoolers–it’s fun, and it’s something they can do to help with motor skills! Happy Summer!

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