Birthday Gifts for the BABY who (literally) has (almost) Everything

You know how babies can be so fun to shop for, because they’re brand new and fun and how can a baby already have everything?

And you also know how impossible it is to buy a gift for the person who has everything?

Well, in my house, the baby *does* have everything. Almost, anyway. It’s a pretty sweet deal for us as parents, actually. Since he’s #5, we’ve passed down tons of things from his older siblings. Firecracker has no need of riding toys, blocks, balls, puzzles, books (but books are always a great gift, in my opinion. Stories are awesome. Books help imaginations and creativity and literacy. Books are swell).

The only small problem is that Firecracker’s first birthday is just around the corner (July 4, hence his nickname), and people are going to want to gift him with something. Let’s face it, he’s too little for gift cards (because then that is really a gift for meeeeee), too little for Legos (which already abound here), too little for his own bike (which will be a hand-me-down from his older brothers anyway). He needs no clothes, either. He won’t have any idea what is going on if he were taken on a fun outing for his birthday.

What do you gift a baby or toddler who has almost everything?


I’m digging up ideas. Here are some of my top finds, based on my own tastes and ideas for my kiddos, as well as ideas my friends said they’d love for their kids! Some you can even do yourself.

–Fabric ABC s

–Playdoh (use your best judgement. If your kid eats everything, maybe wait on the playdoh. I plan to just play with him)

–Soft soled shoes

20140528silks–Play silks

–Shooting Star bean bags

–A box to play in, decorated and spruced up with tactile things like hanging ribbons

–Branch blocks for outdoor play

–Experiences: a zoo outing, picnic with special treats at the park, that kind of thing (best, in my opinion, with older toddlers and children)

–Diapers and wipes (on the wish list of my friend who has twins!)

–Personalized things which will hopefully be lasting treasures (suggested by a fellow mom, though not everyone likes personalized gifts! We don’t do much personalization around here)

20140528babybooks–Books (books are always awesome! These are some of our most-loved baby books.)

–A toy-of-the-month–now, don’t get all crazy and roll your eyes on me here! I *know* I said it’s as if we have all the things…but we don’t, and there are some pretty sweet shops on Etsy which have quality, handmade items that would be great gifts. This idea, a wooden toy of the month, was suggested by a friend in a mom’s group. I love it!

–Another spectacular idea: a photo shoot with your baby! Many photographers offer gift certificates if you can’t swing the whole session fee, and many photographers are very reasonable in their prices. I just *love* the photos I have of my children, and when Firecracker was born, we were lucky enough to have won part of a package with a local photographer. Those images are precious!


Have fun and get creative. Think outside the box for one and two year olds–they don’t need much, but it is fun to gift those sweet little ones, isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts for the BABY who (literally) has (almost) Everything

  1. Such great ideas, Gina! My two favorite gifts for any kid, but especially the one who already has it all (!) are handmade toys and books. That, my love of wooden toys, and the fact that I’m also not a fan of personalized keepsakes, make me think we could be best friends 🙂
    Also, unrelated – I love the “tags” – literally! – on your posts! Super cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa! If only blog-land could be a real place to visit, right? We could chat and let the kids play… 😉 Have a great weekend!

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