Summer Fun: 99+ Way to Conquer Summer Boredom {Guest Post by Laura}

{edit from Gina: My daughter and I realized on a re-read of this list that some ideas on this list are less fun and more like pranks, so I am revising to highlight my favorites from the list, and will maintain the link to the original post at the bottom.}

conquer summer boredom

Hey you! Has summer boredom gotten to you lately? Know people who are bored to death and don’t know what to do with themselves? Fear no more! Here is a list of ways to keep yourself busy collected from many online sources and people. Looking for more serious things to do? Check out these 10 pro-life ways to keep busy (or scroll to the end for specifically Catholic things to do).

  1. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt
  2. Makeovers (maybe even blinded)
  3. Have a paint fight
  4. Chubby Bunny
  5. Dramatic Hamster Reenactment
  6. Learn how to do each others hair
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Get your nails done at the salon
  9. Have a photoshoot
  10. Make or decorate T-shirts
  11. Draw (and fingerpaint!)
  12. Cook
  13. Ride your bikes
  14. Take a day hike
  15. Have a picnic lunch at a park
  16. Dance party!
  17. Karaoke
  18. Make up an ultimate handshake
  19. Skype people
  20. Have a race on your street
  21. Walk around your town
  22. Make friendship bracelets
  23. Mod podge something
  24. Just Dance
  25. Make a music video
  26. Go mini golfing
  27. Have a fashion show
  28. Mall Scavenger Hunt
  29. Dye your hair
  30. Fill water balloons with soap and water and wash your car
  31. Fill 100 water balloons and put them all on a trampoline see how wet you get
  32. Get friends and fill up balloons with paint and have a war.
  33. Give as many high fives to people at WalMart as possible. (Keep track and make high scores!).
  34. Make home-made ice cream and sorbet.
  35. Do summer twister by spray painting the spots on grass.
  36. Play water balloon sports (baseball, volleyball…)
  37. Water balloon piñata
  38. Beach bonfire
  39. Sleep under the stars
  40. Go camping.
  41. Play in the sprinklers
  42. Thumb wrestle
  43. Go to the library
  44. Learn how to fold origami
  45. Hopscotch
  46. Go fishing.
  47. Go Geocaching.
  48. Learn fancy jump-roping moves.
  49. Feed ducks
  50. Learn a line dance
  51. Go berry picking
  52. Game night!
  53. Read
  54. Finish that around-the-house project you’ve been meaning to do forever
  55. Make popcorn
  56. Color with crayons in a coloring book
  57. Drive-in movie
  58. Bob for apples
  59. Make some ideas from Pinterest
  60. Do game shows at home
  61. Organize family photos
  62. Make an obstacle course
  63. Play in the mud
  64. Visit a nursing home and sing for them
  65. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  66. Start an exercise program
  67. Go swimming
  68. Play Frisbee
  69. Send a hand-written letter to someone who could use a thoughtful note

Catholic things to do…

  1. Pray a novena
  2. Make a “Things Catholic ______’s Say” video and post it on YouTube
  3. Go to adoration
  4. Read a Catholic book (Here is a free copy of an MUST READ)
  5. Watch YouTube videos of Archbishop Fulton Sheen (He is a BEAST speaker)
  6. Volunteer at your church
  7. Go to Mass during the week
  8. Learn about saints
  9. Like Catholic Memes on Facebook and share the Catholic humor 🙂
  10. Pick a book of the Bible and use a guide to read it in depth
  11. Go to confession on a regular basis
  12. Call Catholic Answers Live with that burning question you have about Catholicism
(This post originally was published on Laura’s on blog.)
Bio: Laura, a junior Business Management major at Benedictine College, joined the pro-life movement a few years ago, and has been actively defending life ever since. In her ‘free time’ she enjoys reading about current life and faith issues, writing about them, and having debates about them. She loves her big family, summertime, blogging, Catholic memes, babies, and inspiring stories about people who defy the odds against them. Follow her blog at:

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