When Scripture Has Just the Right Words

There are days that just start out on the wrong foot, you know? We all joke about Mondays being, well, Mondays. Monday can be a drag. It has a bad rap. For me, today, a Friday, is my Monday. The boys woke up acting sick–partly faking, in my opinion, and God knows why, since we have a birthday party tomorrow and vacation soon…Then they were fighting, yada yada. It’s just a blah kind of a day. My to-do list is a mile long, the baby is likely getting into some sort of mischief, and since we start our summer break from home school, I still have yet to spend a day relaxing. I see no point from here until after July 4 when I’ll feel like I can really relax, unless I make it happen. Today feels like a drag, like the stereotypical Monday.


And yet, there is still time for better! It’s not yet 9am. I made time to sit in stillness and semi-quiet about an hour ago, to read and pray with my favorite all-time devotional, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. Today’s verse was just what I needed. It’s just what we all need, everyday, I think. A beautiful reminder that God has *every grace* ready for us, so that we’re not just filled to the minimum and barely getting by, but we’re filled abundantly. Abundantly!

So, go and find some quiet to sit in prayer, soak up the abundant graces just waiting to fill you, and begin your day anew. It doesn’t matter if you’re nearly at the end of your day. Let God’s love and grace fill you, so you have more than enough for all your good works. I know I was deeply moved when reading these words, and am ready to start again, hopefully making the best use of the graces God’s blessed me with.

blue abundant grace

Feel free to copy these images and print them.

pink abundant grace


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