Best of the Web

Annnnnd…I apparently can’t resist a good guest-post opportunity. Bonnie at A Knotted Life asked for guest posts a while back, so I jumped at that chance, too. It was fun! If you haven’t checked out Bonnie’s blog, do, at least to read her stories of her son’s miracle and learn about the cause for Fulton J. Sheen’s canonization–his intercession had a huge role in their son’s miracle at birth!


I’ve never done a “best of the web” post before, but when Bonnie was looking for guest posts and suggested it as a post option, I thought, “how fun! I can use things from Pinterest and my time-wasting moments to fill a blog! I don’t have to think too hard!” which is perfect for me right now. I can’t think much this week, after hours in the orthopedic office to get a cast on my Little Man, keeping up with our homeschool schedule so we can still have our summer break when planned, getting through graduation with my hubs…I’ve missed an appointment because my brain has been so filled with other things. Not thinking too hard about a post is ideal. Yes, I know. I stooped and lowered the bar for myself, because thinking too hard is overrated.

I think this will be a pretty good selection, though. Lots of fun, lots of yum, lots of other good stuff. Basically, the things my mind thinks about for .17 seconds before another shiny thing comes along for me to think about. It’s Best of the Web from my wandering mind.

Shall we get to the list?

1. A Summer Reading List for Tweens


(note, these in my photo are just books we’ve read and loved, not that any are on the list. And some aren’t even for tweens…but hey, that tween started with Dr. Suess, right?)

…I like to talk about books we’re reading. But if you know me at all or read my bio, you’ll know that I’d rather do almost anything than sit and read a book (though, I admit, that is slowly changing as I get into really good books). My 9 year old daughter reads like it’s going out of style, and since I wasn’t a big reader as a kid (don’t get me wrong, I’m literate, just didn’t read for fun), I don’t know what to suggest to her, nor do I have the time to preview all kinds of current books and authors before she reads them. I would have to read 24/7 and hire a cook, house cleaner, and send all the children to school in order to keep ahead of my girl. That’s why I love lists of good books for tweens.


And for the rest, do head over to A Knotted Life!


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