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About the Someday Saints

The idea for this blog popped into my head years ago, as I was sitting outside my kids’ bedrooms, waiting for them to fall asleep. I used to spend time tucking them in, rubbing their backs, then I’d move to outside in the hallway and wait until they fell asleep. It was just part of the path to teach/encourage them to sleep on their own, without me falling asleep in their beds or on the floor in the room as I waited for the sleepiness to overcome them.

In those *hours* I spent out in the hallway, I’d read, pray, send emails.

I’d get bored.

I’d think about what to plan for our home school, what to do to celebrate the month’s saint or liturgical season.

And then I thought about blogging about it, about the journey raising children in the Catholic faith, about the ups and downs.

One day I started the blog. The next, I forgot or was too busy or to tired to keep it up.

Now I am back to post about the daily ins and outs of raising “someday saints”. It’s my vocation as a mother, after all, to instruct my children in the faith, and live that faith daily with them, in hopes that they will use their free will to choose a faithful, Christ-centered, Christ-loving lifestyle as they mature. I also call them “someday saints”, because I know stories of the saints, and I know just as well as anyone else that they weren’t perfect little children. There is St. Paul, who was running around as Saul before his conversion, literally killing Jesus’ followers. There was St. Augustine, who ditched the faith and practically ran from it, only to be converted in his adult years and later became one of the Catholic Church’s greatest saints. I look to his mother, St. Monica, for inspiration and hope…she never gave up on her son. She didn’t turn her back on him when he shunned the faith she shared with him. She instead kept praying, kept love him, kept engaging him. He was a “someday saint”.

Join me as I journey with my little “someday saints”, as I grow with them…I’m not perfect, certainly not by any stretch of the imagination. I too, am a hopeful “someday saint”.

Someday, they’ll hopefully be saints

I am a mother to four young souls, gifted to me by our loving Father. How He saw me fit to raise them, I don’t know…but He did. With His grace, I will love them and raise them for many joyful years.

That said, raising children isn’t easy, and raising children whom you hope to see in heaven one day as saints, well, that is a battle. Somedays I feel blessed to have the job, others I feel like I’ve been thrown under a bus. You know what I mean if you have one or eleven children. There are days that are just plain hard, when you can barely get your thoughts collected, much less do the dishes, wash the baby’s face after an attempt at self-feeding, and get dinner on the table. (When did you last wipe down that table anyway?) Thankfully, these days in my house don’t rule. The days that start with my Little Man singing as he wakes up, my passionate oldest prepping breakfast for our Little Comedian, and my sweet girl who says God calls her his Princess telling me about her prayers…those days light up my life and show me why this vocation of motherhood is amazing.

This little blog is going to be my place to ponder, share stories of the joys–First Reconciliation was a “favorite day” for the passionate Princess, cry over the pain and struggles–another day of more time spent carrying kicking and screaming kids upstairs to get a grip than actual time spent homeschooling, and to just keep these things close to my heart. Ok, I know, a blog is not like Mary’s treasuring things in her heart (Luke 2:19), but I have been pregnant and given birth–unmedicated–four times. This mama’s memory is not a steel trap, so the blog will have to suffice.

Come, read, laugh, pray for me. I hope to see these sweet little souls in heaven one day…but I have to get there first!